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Beste mensen,

Ik heb mezelf net aangemeld, lijkt me reuze leuk nieuwe starters, die in een ontwikkelingsland een bedrijf willen beginnen, te coachen tussen eind juni en september dit jaar.

Mijn profiel kun je lezen op Profiel Ingeborg Bij Business in Development Network (BiD network)

Coaching timeline June 28 – September 3

The coaching of business plans takes place between June 28 and September 3, in which you coach an entrepreneur in writing a bankable business plan. All coaches are asked to spend at least 16 hours or more in coaching ‘their’ entrepreneurs.

As a coach your role is to:

          act as a sparring partner (working method, planning & content of the business plan)

          be a gateway to knowledge/expertise (your own & external network + suggestions)

          test the feasibility of the plan (realism, (down)-scaling, finance) 

Do keep in mind that it is the participant who is the writer/owner of the business plan: a coach will thus never write (parts of) the business plan.

If you are interested in still becoming a coach, please send us an email

In the meantime, if your have any questions regarding the coaching process, please contact Anneke Evers: 020 7555005

Zie je graag daar/dan, of mail me als je vragen hebt,

Groetjes Ingeborg